Who we are..!?

Who we are..!?

Perfect Connection was established in 1999 and commenced business on January 1st, 2000. We provide services as a marketing consultant for all kinds of unified marketing activities. Which over 8-years experience in organizing seminars to clients in the industry of IT.

We can be creative and activities management completed our clients' requirements. As a result of clients’ work is a Valuable and create memorable. With this focus, every endeavor is made to manage each event efficiently as we are the middle jigsaw which is placed in the centre to create a memorable and complete picture.

Our core services are focused in 5 areas:
- Consultancy
- Conference and Event Management
- Public relation Management
- Marketing Collateral Creation
- Games Creation

1. Consultancy
We listen to your problems and requirements and then design and present training that meets your personnel at the right time. We offer the following training programs;
- Art of Empowerment
- Transformative Leadership Training
- Sales Training
- Cross Cultural Management
- Employee Assessment
- Aligning your workforce to Organizational Goals
- Motivation

2. Conference and Event Management
The event management focus covers all functions we are able to serve you as may be required. We offer the following;
- Seminars & Conferences 
- Product launches
- Exhibitions & Trade shows
- Road shows
-  Registration services
- Telesales & Database Consolidation
- Contact the financial support 

3. Public Relation Management
Public Relation Managements are important in presenting their products and services, which can create value and reliability as well. Our service will cover these processes;
- Analyze environment and situation 
- Set objectives of Public Relations campaign to support and further with the master marketing plan
- Design Public Relations Campaign strategies and advise involving aside campaign.
- Press release writing
- Press Conference management
- News Release writing
- Media Invitations
- Photo caption for seminar events
- Media Registrations
- News Clipping
- Exclusive interview with focused media

4. Marketing Collateral Creation
Marketing of products and services create interest. The promotional materials we can deliver are;
- Banner
- Brochure & Poster
- Advertisement
- Gift & Premium
- Direct Mail
- Company profile
- Invitation Card Design & Printing

5. Games Creation
We design activities to make fun. Some activities aimed to create more relationship between venders and partners, between unit and unit or even between each other in the same team. The activities included are: 
- Games booth 
- Presenter
- Walk rally